Wei Li

Visual development for my short film. I was experimenting with demonstrating contrasting mood and mentality in the character through the aesthetic style.

Drawings from Wreck beach.

The first and last one were of a model named Venessa, LOVE drawing her.

These are style tests for the main character of our short film, Tehura. We named her after the Polynesian wife of Gauguin who he married when she was only 14 years old. I am exploring drawing her in different styles because the film is from two different perspectives and we want a different visual style for each perspective.

Her body shape in the first image is different because that’s suppose to be a poster of her when she was younger. She’s gained some weight since then.

More story sketches for the short film. Haven’t had much time to work on it since my new job has been pretty draining. It’s also been rewarding which is nice.

The second to last image is purposefully referencing Gauguin’s painting, Spirit of the Dead Watching I am pretty happy how these turned out.